Securing Society 5.0

Society 5.0 is a concept that envisions a new form of society that integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), robotics, blockchain, metaverse, big data, and others into all aspects of life.

In Society 5.0, technology is used not only for economic growth (Industry 4.0) but also for solving social issues such as aging population, environmental degradation, climate change, health and mental health, urbanization, crime, and others. Society 5.0 aims to create a human-centric society where technology is used to enhance people’s quality of life and promote well-being.

This concept is being promoted by the Japanese government and has gained global attention as a model for the next generation of societies.

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Marin Ivezic

Marin IvezicFor over 30 years, I have been safeguarding lives, well-being, the environment, and businesses by integrating cybersecurity, cyber-physical systems security, operational resilience, and functional safety approaches. I have held multiple CTO, CISO, and emerging technology leadership roles.

I have spent a large part of my career researching the risks associated with emerging technologies. I built and operated research labs dedicated to AI security, post-quantum security, 5G security, and other cutting-edge areas.

I believe that Society 5.0 can only fulfill its promise if all essential technologies are safe, secure, and controllable.

This is my personal website. It serves as a central repository for all my writings, which I have previously shared across various technology-specific websites, including my own and numerous industry publications. The views and opinions expressed here are mine only and don’t reflect the views of any organization I might be affiliated with. More about me.

Introducing Society 5.0

Introducing Society 5.0

Self-help authors and politicians seem to agree on at least one thing: mindset matters. The shelves of bookstores worldwide are awash with motivational books by evangelical writers hoping to convert readers to their gospel of optimism. The central thesis is simple: success depends on approaching life, especially its challenges,...
Statement on AI Risk

Marin’s Statement on AI Risk

The rapid development of AI brings both extraordinary potential and unprecedented risks. AI systems are increasingly demonstrating emergent behaviors, and in some cases, are even capable of self-improvement. This advancement, while remarkable, raises critical questions about our ability to control and understand these systems fully. In this article I...
AI Fake News

AI-Exacerbated Disinformation and Cyber Threats to Democracy

Recent events have confirmed that the cyber realm can be used to disrupt democracies as surely as it can destabilize dictatorships. Weaponization of information and malicious dissemination through social media pushes citizens into polarized echo chambers and pull at the social fabric of a country. Present technologies enhanced by current and upcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, could greatly exacerbate disinformation and other cyber threats to democracy.
Cyber-Kinetic Security, IoT Security, OT Security

The World of Cyber-Physical Systems & Rising Cyber-Kinetic Risks

We live in a world in which the way we observe and control it is radically changing. Increasingly, we interact with physical objects through the filter of what computational systems embedded in them tell us, and we adjust them based on what those systems relate. We do this on our...
5G Critical Infrastructure

5G Critical Infrastructure – the Most Critical of All

Not even 30 years separate us from the end of the Cold War. Yet, we appear to be witnessing the emergence of a new one, a technology Cold War between the United States and China. This time, instead of a ‘red under the bed’, the US government has declared...
Quantum Computer 5G Security

The Quantum Computing Threat

The secret sauce of quantum computing, which even Einstein called "spooky," is the ability to generate and manipulate quantum bits of data or qubits. Certain computational tasks can be executed exponentially faster on a quantum processor using qubits, than on a classical computer with 1s and 0s. A qubit can attain a third state of superimposition of 1s and 0s simultaneously, encode data into quantum mechanical properties by "entangling" pairs of qubits, manipulate that data and perform huge complex calculations very quickly.
Smart City 5G Privacy

Cyber-Kinetic Security and Privacy Threats in Smart Cities

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. The UN estimates that by 2050 that proportion will be 68% - more than 6 billion people living in high-density conditions. This raises significant challenges. What is the best way to ensure that human needs are met in a...
Blockchain Layers Security

Introduction to Blockchain Layers 0, 1, and 2 Security

What Are Blockchains Layers 0, 1, and 2? A blockchain is a complex, multi-layered system.  Bitcoin, the original blockchain, maintained a distributed and decentralized digital ledger on top of a peer-to-peer network.  Later blockchains, like Ethereum, added complexity by integrating smart contract functionality and the technology needed to support these...
Diversity Uncomfortable

Diversity – The Benefits of Being Uncomfortable

The topic of diversity is not one that most people find in their comfort zone. As I wrote in a previous article on diversity, increasing diversity often engenders frustration in those tasked with accomplishing it, and inspires eye rolls among diversity-fatigued employees who have heard countless reports on management’s diversity...


The Line Neom KSA Society 5.0

Will the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) beat Japan to Society...

Ask most people what they remember from 2016 - if they remember anything at all - and there are usually two big events that float to the front of their minds: Britain voted to leave the European Union and the United States voted Donald Trump into the White House....