Securing Society 5.0




Marin Ivezic is a Partner at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), specializing in risks and cybersecurity of emerging technologies. His work on some of the most difficult technology problems that world-class organizations have experienced – including ones that involve AI – has given him ample opportunity to research the transformative nature of AI.

For over a decade, Ivezic has worked with many clients in China and other major global adopters and developers of AI solutions. Some of them have already replaced hundreds of thousands of employees with robots. Others have adopted AI with the different goal, to augment their workforce’s skills and increase profits while creating additional jobs. In both groups, some of the companies flourished, and other failed. Ivezic’s firsthand experience allowed him to analyze various real-life AI and automation implementations and identify the strengths and weaknesses of those businesses.

Throughout his career, Ivezic focused on the AI risks, including the social impact, and the impact on jobs. He has also recognized AI’s remarkable potential. This potential can be fully reached only if business leaders become aware of the way AI is changing the business environment, and adapt to it. Ivezic’s global experience has revealed that successful adoption of AI requires agility.

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