Trusted 5G for Massive and Critical IoT Book

Trusted 5G for Massive and Critical IoT

Security and privacy approaches for 5G networks and connected emerging technologies

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Book progress

Writing 50%
Editing 30%
Publishing 20%

The book will be published in June 2023.

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How 5G Will Transform Economy and Society

5G World Economy Society
Since the dawn of the 21st Century, the ways in which people and organizations that use the Internet experience, perceive and act in the...

5G Security & Privacy Challenges

5G Security Privacy
Don’t let the “5G” in the title confuse you. This post is not only about the telcos’ core networks, but about the 5G security...

5G Network Slicing Technology: A Primer

5G Network Slicing
Hyped as the technology that will transform the world, 5G is moving past the buzzword stage with first implementations coming to life in 2019....

5G Policy and Regulatory Checklist

5G Cell Tower
Ultra high speed, high quality 5G networks are expected to provide the connectivity required for massive IoT adoption, remote robotic surgery as well as...

Geopolitics of 5G and 5G-Connected Massive & Critical IoT

US vs China 5G
Emerging Technology and Geopolitics of 5G There are several reasons emerging technology is a highly competitive industry, notwithstanding the race for intellectual property that can...

Telcos Should Take Risks to Jumpstart the 5G Ecosystem

5G Business
5G connectivity burst onto the world stage at last year’s Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea and gained pop culture visibility again at the...

Smart Home / Smart Building Connectivity Options and Their Cybersecurity

Smart Home Wireless Connectivity
In a recent session on smart building cybersecurity, a student cheekily asked me "How did we ever connect anything before 5G?" At that moment...

Cybersecurity and Safety in the 5G-Enabled Smart-Everything World

5G Cybersecurity Safety
Neil Harbisson calls himself a cyborg. Without the antenna implanted in his skull, he would not be able to see colour of any kind....

Open RAN May Be the Future of 5G, but Can We...

Open RAN Security
It's been a year of contradictions for the telecommunications industry. Like most sectors, it has been heavily impacted by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic,...

The Open RAN Lexicon You Need

oran lexicon
The telecoms and digital technologies sectors are notoriously jargonised. Eavesdrop on any conversation at an industry conference (remember those?) and you’d be treated to...